Best copywriting course 2021- AWAI copywriting course review

If you know the amazing benefits of words in marketing, copywriting is the best career choice for you. Copywriting is a high-income skill. The business world has moved from being salesy to developing a strong relationship with its target audience. This means smart use of words in the marketing funnel. Let’s recap!

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the canny use of words in written, audio, or video format to promote a product or service. The ultimate goal of sales copy is to persuade the user to take action. In the 21st century, copywriting is everywhere. Daily, we are bombarded with thousands of marketing and sales messages during travel or surfing the gigantic net. These messages are curated and created using copywriting rules. The marketing copy used to promote a product affects our subconscious subtly. Many of our purchase decisions are based on powerful sales copy.

What is copywriting in marketing?

Copywriting, in its essence, is used for marketing purposes. It doesn’t stand separate from the marketing field. You come across the marketing copy every day. Have a look at your inbox, it has persuasive product promotion emails, funding requests from charity organizations, and ads from various companies you came across while surfing the net. The aim of copywriting is to focus on customer’s problems and provide them a solution in form of the product or service you are promoting. In earlier days, copywriting was in print which shifted to online media after advancement in digital media technology. Now, copywriting is more important than printed advertisements.


What is AWAI? (American Writers and Artists Inc)

Keeping in view the progress of the copywriting industry and the ever-increasing demand for skilled copywriters, American Writers and Artists Inc, popularly known as AWAI, stepped forward back in 1997 to launch copywriting training programs.

Since then, AWAI has launched dozens of online copywriting courses and trained thousands of writers worldwide. These writers proved to be the game-changer for the small and mid-sized businesses, earning financial freedom in return.


Is the AWAI copywriting course worth it?

You are at the right place. I’ll explain to you that the copywriting course is worth the investment. The various pros and cons of AWAI copywriting courses in a succinct manner. So that you are able to decide easily if you should choose this course for advancing in your career.


AWAI copywriting course review- Accelerated program for six-figure copywriting

AWAI’s signature program, the Accelerated program for six-figure copywriting, is one of the best copywriting programs in the world. Live proof of its effectiveness is the legendary Brian Clarke. Brain Clarke is the founder of one of the wealthiest blogs in the world, known as Copyblogger. He started his copywriting career by enrolling in the AWAI’s accelerated program for six-figure copywriting.

The best credibility of an online program is the results its students gain in real life. Many big names in the copywriting field started from AWAI’s copywriting course. This program consists of over 700 pages filled with a goldmine of copywriting information and knowledge. Unlike other programs filled with content, an accelerated program for six-figure copywriting walks you through the process of copywriting from A to Z, leaving no stone unturned in equipping you with all the fundamental skills.

This program guides you from a beginner level and teaches you how to turn copywriting skills into a full-fledged business.

The Accelerated Program for six-figure copywriting includes

  • A manual consisting of 41 chapters explaining the copywriting fundamentals
  • “Hall of Fame” swipe file which consists of historical sales letters and the reasons for their success
  • Training to help you write your 1st sales letter with a chance to win a contract with AWAI worth $10,000
  • A report “How to quickly change careers” guides you about transitioning from one career to another

Along with the above-mentioned resources, you get a free subscription to the Golden Thread (weekly newsletter) and access to the direct-response job board. I have enrolled in other copywriting courses and many of them are full of salesy stuff to sell you another program or coaching in the upsell. That really turns me off.

However, in AWAI’s accelerated program for six-figure copywriting, they teach you for what you have paid for. To learn copywriting! The AWAI’s copywriting course is organized well and you can connect the separate parts together after completion of the course. AWAI’s program is not like other courses in which you enroll, learn and forget. You get the Hall of Fame book which can be used as a desk reference to aid you in incorporating copywriting tactics into your copy. Not only beginners can benefit from it, but the professionals can benefit too, from the swipe file of highly performing sales letters.

Do freelance copywriters make good money?

Absolutely yes! With the increasing trend in digital media marketing, especially after the Corona pandemic, many businesses are coming online to connect with their target audience. This is a huge opportunity for writers and a golden time to enter the copywriting field.

23% of the copywriters easily make above six-figure salary. The remaining copywriters work part-time and earn enough money to pay for rent, bills, and groceries


Is freelance copywriting a good career?.

Freelance copywriting is a good career if you are serious about becoming a professional copywriter. You will reap the rewards of learning this high-income skill and putting it into practice immediately.

Are copywriting classes worth it?

It solely depends on the type, of course, you are selecting. If it is taught by industry practitioners and covers the copywriting field comprehensively, using examples and assignments, it is worth your investment.