Ahref vs Semrush vs Moz

The best way to improve search engine ranking is with SEO tools that can help in optimizing the content. In this comparison article Ahref vs Semrush vs Moz, we’ll dig into the best SEO tools in the world and their features which makes them unique. These three tools are the best when it comes to keyword research, backlinks monitoring, competition analysis, and tracking the keyword rankings. If you belong to the SEO field, or digital marketing department, or run your online business, you need to read this guide till the end.

Keyword research

The base of a strong SEO campaign is right keyword targeting. Find it hard to research keywords for your website, all these three tools help you in finding and selecting the right keywords for your SEO campaign.

Site audit

You can conduct a thorough site audit using ahref tool. This lets you find out errors and warnings and work towards optimizing the site structure and content.

Competition analysis

Just like you monitor your own website for search engine performance, the same way you can analyze your competitors’ sites. You can see what keywords your competitors are ranking for and which websites are linking to your competitor sites.

Content optimization

All these three tools help in optimizing the content with respect to SEO. You can know what parts of the content need changing and how to write content that ranks better in search engine rankings.

Backlink monitoring

Along with other features, you can monitor which websites are linking to your site. Just add the URL of your site and see the backlinks to your site at one place.

Ranking tracking

You can easily track the performance of your website in search engines. You can also easily manually analyze the keywords and monitor the ranking of your site on these keywords.
What is Ahref?
Ahref is an SEO software suite that is used by marketers for keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, site audit, and broken link-building. In short, it a complete and popular SEO solution for SEO professionals and internet marketers.

Ahref Main features

Site audit

You can audit the site by using the site audit tools of Ahref. This will let you find the errors and fix them to optimize your site.

Site explorer

Put the URL of the competitor in the site explorer tab of Ahref. You’ll get the details showing the keywords on which competitor site is ranking and the content type on the site.

Keyword explorer

Ahref keyword explorer tool lets you explore keyword ideas and track your performance on different keywords.

Ahref backlink checker Ahref boasts over an extensive database after Google. You can see interactive reports of backlinks, check the backlink’s popularity over time.

Keyword tracker

You can easily track the performance of your site on different keywords. You can also filter the results on parameters like geography, desktop, and mobile devices.

Content explorer

With this tool, you can find the content ranking on specific keywords which is popular and see why it ranks higher.

Distinct features

It is worth noticing that you can get traffic from search engines other than Google. Ahref helps in keyword research for many other search engines than Google. You can see the search volume of keywords that users use on the following search engines:

  1. Amazon
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. Yandex
  5. Baidu
  6. Youtube

Clicks data

Ahref is the tool that not only shows keywords search volume but also the number of clicks that keywords receive. It helps in selecting the keywords which are worth targeting. For example, if a keyword has 12,000 searches per month and receives just 500 clicks, it is not worth targeting if your main aim is conversion optimization.

Get total search traffic estimations

Mostly the SEO specialists look at the keyword search volume to estimate the search traffic to a page. But, in real-time, a page may not only rank for a single keyword but a combination of long-tail keywords which it isn’t targeting specifically.

In Ahref, potential traffic to a page is estimated and can be seen to guess about the search traffic a page can get overall.

See backlink growth or decline over time

This feature lets you keep an eye on the backlinks added or removed from your site in a real-time view. This can be helpful in understanding and countering back the negative SEO attack.

See keyword click distributions

According to traditional consensus, 30% of traffic goes to the result on position 1 of SERP. However, it is the average CTR rate. It doesn’t hold true for all the keywords. You can get traffic even at position 10, depending on the type of query.

For the navigational type of keywords, the traffic goes to the top result. However, for a generic keyword, traffic evenly distributes to the top 10 results.

Analyze SERP history

You can analyze search history by looking at a keyword and different websites which struggled to rank for that particular keyword. This will give you insights into how someone ranked for a keyword and for how long. The newcomers in the ranking battle can be analyzed for their backlinks and overall SEO strategy.

Uncover content gaps

Unlike other SEO tools, Ahref allows you to do a content gap analysis on-page/folder level.

Get keyword ranking alerts

Every week, Ahref sends notification emails about the ranking of the website in the top 3 results.

Analyze internal backlinks

You can do an internal linking audit by using ahref. Though, internal links carry quite less weight than external links, but these can push your web page a few spots higher in rankings.

Ahref Pricing

Ahref comes in 4 price packages namely Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency. These cost $99, $179, $399, and $999 respectively per month. If you are just starting out, you should buy the lite package.

For the Lite and Standard plan, you can get access to all the features of Ahref for 7 days for just $7.


Semrush is an all-in-one marketing tool that is equally beneficial for SEO as well as PPC campaigns. Semrush was founded in 2008 as a Firefox SEO extension which later became SeoQuake and finally, it came out in its final version, Semrush. One distinct feature of Semrush which gives it an edge over Ahref is that we can examine PPC keywords in it. Ahref is solely for SEO purposes. However, Semrush is an all-in-one platform for SEO specialists as well as PPC experts.

Semrush Features

Keyword research

 Just like any other SEO tool in the market, Semrush provides a keyword research feature that lets you generate keyword ideas and analyze them.

Competition analysis

 Not sure who your competitors are? Paste your domain name to find out. It’s as easy as this. You can also see the performance of your competitors’ sites on related keywords.

Content analysis

 You can analyze your own site’s content and see the tips to improve the content. This will let you rank your content by following the practical tips and suggestions.

Advertising monitoring

 Semrush provides comprehensive tools for keywords, domain monitoring, and advertising research. These tools help you monitor a PPC campaign from start to finish.

Social media monitoring

 In this. feature, you can post to social media directly. You can research social media posts and ads.

Local SEO analysis

Semrush provides complete features for local SEO. You can manage the listing, do site audits and track the performance of your site in the search engine.


 You can create downloadable reports for your own project. Alongside, you can also create custom reports for your clients.

Distinct features of Semrush

Semrush has rolled out new features and functionalities in 2019. I have explained here a few of the most significant features of Semrush you won’t find anywhere else.

Market explorer

This tool uncovers the market trends and size. You can get the marketing strategies and customer acquisition channels of the competitors. You also get the demographics report of the target audience.

SEO writing assistant

Semrush also comes with SEO writing assistant which lets you optimize your content with respect to readability and SEO. This is an effective feature of Semrush which streamlines the On-page optimization. This improves your writing during your live writing process.

Content marketplace

This feature lets you outsource your contnet creation tasks. You don’t need to worry the selecting of right people, negotiating with them the deadline and price. Semrush has cherrypicked the perfect talent for all your content creation tasks like email writing, blog post writing to writing press releases.

Social media poster

Using this option, you can access the stats of all the posts on your LinkedIn business page. This is possible without even leaving the Semrush dashboard.

Semrush Pricing

Semrush offers 3 price packages, Pro, Guru and Business. These packages cost $99, $199, and $399 respectively. If you are just starting out in SEO, you can go for a $99 price package.  You can get FREE exclusive access to Semrush for 7 days, which is worth $99. Click the image below to avail this amazing offer: One distinct feature of Semrush is that it is a beginner-friendly tool. Once you put in the site URL, it displays the information in a user-friendly manner.


Moz was founded in 2004 as an SEO community SEOmoz. It became a consulting agency and then emerged as a full-fledged SEO toolkit as we know it today.

Moz Features

Keyword research

 Just like other SEO tools in the market, Moz offers keyword research features. You can use this feature to generate keyword ideas and analyze the best keywords for your website.

Site Audit

 Its site audit tool gives you an overview of the site performance in the search engine and offers practical tips and insights to optimize the website for appearing in the search results.

On-page SEO

 In the On-page SEO tool of Moz, you get step by step tips and instructions on how to optimize your content, for better rankings on the search engines.

Backlink research

 The Backlink research tool of Moz tracks the total number of backlinks coming to your website. It helps you to improve your backlink strategy.


 In this section, you can create custom reports or let Moz create automatic reports for you. This feature lets you keep the data at one place and access it as needed.

Moz is not an all-in-one platform for your SEO and PPC campaigns. Though it has powerful features for SEO strategy, it lacks some features found in other SEO tools in the market. You cannot track advertising, monitor social media marketing, and do content optimization completely.

Moz Pricing

The Moz pricing starts at $99 per month.

Keeping in view the pricing and the number of features SEO tools provide, our pick is the Semrush. Next comes the Ahref tool which is followed by Moz. You can use any one of them according to your business requirements.

Final thoughts:

Keeping in view the popularity, features and pricing, I believe Semrush is the right SEO suite for you. It provides search engine optimization data as well advertising data at one place. You can study your target market wel and outsource your content creation process.

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