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Review of Udemy 2022: IS Udemy worth it?

It’s been three years since I was fascinated by the depth and range of courses on Udemy. It didn’t stop, and the growth of Udemy had been exponential since then. So, I was thrilled to write a review on Udemy so that learning freaks can satisfy their knowledge hunger from this best e-learning platform in the world. In this review of Udemy, I will talk about the features and benefits of the Udemy platform and some of the best Udemy courses.

Is Udemy legit, and is it worth it?

Udemy is a legit source of learning skills online. Even if it doesn’t have courses accredited by universities but provides quality education, it stands out among its competitors. Keeping given the benefits that Udemy offers, it is worth it to join this platform.

What kind, of course, does Udemy offer?

Udemy offers various courses ranging from learning musical instruments and drawing a sketch to coding professional websites and software apps. It has something to offer to everyone. As it is an open-source marketplace, people having a knack for a particular skill can teach it and earn money on the go.

How much does Udmey cost?

It is a bit difficult to tell precisely how much Udemy costs. The reason is simple. The price of courses keeps on fluctuating due to regular sales periods. Typically a course costs around $200, and the price drops to $100 or even less during the sale period. In countries like Pakistan, India, the price drops to $9.99 during the sale period.

Pros and Cons of Udemy

Nothing is perfect in this world. Everything has its benefits and some negative points as well. However, negative should not stop you from taking advantage of the plus points. The pros and cons of Udemy are stated below:


  • Anyone with knowledge and information in a specific area can become an instructor
  • Wide range of courses on almost every topic
  • Professionals industry experts teach courses
  • Lifetime access to the course material and future updates
  • A wide variety of free courses are available
  • Self-paced study model
  • Massive discount offers and sales
  • Best suited for training employees


  • Low-quality courses taught by native instructors
  • Universities do not accredit courses on Udemy

Best courses on Udemy

Some of the best courses on Udemy belong to the programming and web development category, with enrollments as high as 100,000 per course. You can find popular courses in the following skills:

  • Python
  • Web development
  • AWS
  • Digital marketing
  • Data Science
  • Cyber security


I hope you enjoyed reading this Udemy review. Keeping in view that the pros of UDEMY outweigh the cons, I highly recommend you join Udemy to upskilling yourself in your favorite skills. Upskilling with new skills or advancing in the existing skills will reward you for finances and personal development.


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