Best Landing Page Builder Software

If you expend a lot of time in online marketing, you will begin to hear the term “landing page” everywhere. But what precisely is a landing page? What sets it apart from other pages? What do landing pages mean? To be very honest some online marketers love to use this term that we’ve done a terrible job defining it. But in this post, we’re going to change that. We’ll take a look at what a landing page is, what makes an effective landing page, and some landing page tools you can use to build your landing pages.

Why Landing pages are important

Landing pages are single-page websites with a narrow focus. Think of them as a business card or an online flyer for you or your business. You can use them to promote or sell a product or service, to subscribe customers to your mailing list, or just to provide a convenient way for people to contact you. Landing pages can also be used as part of a marketing campaign either it has great images, a story, and lots of supporting information when selling a product. However, if you are running performance marketing campaigns (Facebook ads or Google ads), you will need a simpler page with fewer elements, optimized for a user to click, sign up, download a PDF or do something completely different. The landing page software is typically drag and drop, which means you can move things around as you like, allowing marketers to create an experience that encourages visitors and turns them into leads. Plus, the best landing page builders have a plethora of templates to choose from, so you’ll never have to start over with your page again.

5 Top Landing page builder software


HubSpot is a reliable tool or marketing software suite with a lot of features, including the ability to create and test lead-generating landing pages without the help of a designer. It includes a library of mobile-optimized templates that can be customized using an interactive editor that lets you add image copies and inserts anywhere on the page. You can also customize landing pages for individual visitors, displaying personalized content, along with calls to action (CTAs) and other features. Hubspot also allows you to dynamically share various types of content based on your visitors’ location, origin, device, and other fields, which can then automatically upload to your CRM software. If you already use HubSpot or considering using them as a CRM or email marketing solution, their landing page builder could be the cherry on top. HubSpot works to help businesses market more effectively. To achieve this, they created a single cloud-based platform that could house all of a company’s digital marketing efforts. Everything from blogging and social media posts to email marketing has been centralized on a single platform accessible from any location. Therefore, every marketer in an organization can use HubSpot’s tools to nurture qualified leads until they’re ready to be passed on to the sales team. When a lead is ready to convert, it’s easily passed on to the sales team for a simple, seamless experience that helps businesses convert warm leads into happy customers.

Software Price

One of the coolest things about the HubSpot Marketing Hub is the ability to start your experience without breaking the bank. With the “free tools” package, you can start generating new leads for free. If you prefer a premium solution, you can upgrade to the “Starter” package for $ 50 per month or to the “Professional” package for $ 800 per month.


1. Unbounce

Unbounce is probably one of the first names that comes to mind when you think of a great landing page builder. It’s simple to create brand concept templates from scratch, or you can save time by starting with one of its many customizable templates. On page conversion is often an afterthought when using landing page software. However, Unbounce makes few strategic assessments that are meant to quickly help a user take action on a page. Unbounce is the go-to solution for conversion-oriented marketers. It can help you drive conversations by creating, launching and optimizing personalized landing pages for any campaign. Best of all, none of this requires the assistance of a developer. By displaying sticky bars as well as indie targeted to specific users, Unbounce sticky bars as well as pop-ups can help you generate more leads and revenue from your pages. Its great landing page builder makes it easy to create branding concept mockups from scratch, or you can save time by starting with one of its many customizable templates.


Unbounce indie and sticky bars can help you generate more leads and revenue from your pages by displaying flip and sticky bars targeted to specific users.

2. Insta Page

Instapage is a tremendously powerful tool. It’s a straightforward “drag and drop” landing page builder that produces pixel-perfect pages. Unfortunately, it is quite pricey. As a result, it’s more of a tool for large corporations and agencies. The setup takes around easy going and has a very intuitive and configurable tool that will undoubtedly generate more leads for you at a lower cost. The most compelling landing page app for marketers and digital agencies, Instapage, claims to maximize your conversion rates and own your post-click experience. Furthermore, integrating your pages into your website does not necessitate the use of any code.

Price of Software

Instapage’s blueprint starts at $ 149 per month and includes everything a business needs to start optimizing post-click experiences online. The annual price includes a small discount, which is typical of most landing page builder tools. If your business needs something unique, you can upgrade from the Business plan to the Enterprise option. The Enterprise plan is priced individually according to your needs.


● Advanced analyzes and heat maps are available.
● You have full control over the design of your page.
● Responsive landing page templates are included.
● Simple integration with a variety of advanced tools
● Optional dynamic keyword insertion for PCC
● Pages can be customized using CSS and HTML.

3. Lead Pages

Leadpages shares many similarities with Instapage, including drag-and-drop functionality and a strong emphasis on well-designed templates. However, instead of building for a high-ticket Enterprise customer, their landing page builder focuses on creating solutions for Agencies as their high-tier accounts. Leadpages is one of the most affordable options on this list. And if you need to get a page up quickly and cheaply, this could be a good option for your company.

4. Getresponse

GetResponse can be a good choice if you’re looking for a landing page builder that also hosts your email and automated funnels. Getresponse exists only to help you make money from your landing pages. It does this by aiding you raise your connection list by offering exclusive incentives to convert high quality leads. It’s great for showcasing what you’re selling by incorporating ready-made sales funnels to add products or services to your product marketing page. It lets you create high converting, mobile-friendly landing pages, but it’s also a versatile software solution with email marketing and webinar capabilities. GetResponse integrates with a number of popular tools that you may already be using, such as Shopify WordPress and Salesforce. It comes with a dynamic template builder that allows anyone to build a professional looking landing page that includes all of the above. It also displays smokestack analytics from pages to e-marketing analytics to click-through rates, analyze open rates, bounce rates, and conversions for campaign tracking. Getresponse includes an auto-response / marketing automation feature that lets you schedule follow-up emails based on what converts best for your audience. GetResponse can be used to create custom web pages. The tool automatically generates the code for you, ensuring your work is mobile-friendly