Learnworlds review 2022 - Online course platform

Learnworlds is an online course platform that helps people create high quality courses on any topic you want. The platform offers many features that help make your courses better, like a built-in editor for creating video slideshows and adding interactive elements to lessons. Learn more about the pricing of this amazing platform in our blog post!

Learnworlds features

The features of learnworlds are plenty, to start off with you get a built in editor which helps you create interactive videos and slideshows. You can add quizzes, polls etc. There is an activity feed where the course creator can see what their students are doing within the courses that they have created on LearnWorlds platform.

There are few other features as well:

– Integrate with Google Drive

– Collaborate with students and colleagues from any device

– Build a course in minutes with

a template

– Unlimited hosting on our servers with no download limits

– Participate in groups and get support from other learners anytime you need it.

Learnworlds pricing

Our course platform has three different plans, depending on your needs. You can pay for access to the entire library of lessons at once or monthly subscription is available for a lower price, allowing users to pay as they go.

– Starter plan: for $19/month (billed annually)

– Pro Plan: for $49/month (billed annually), includes everything in the starter plan plus custom branding, quizzes and certificates.

– Business Plan: for $99/month or more paid monthly*, unlimited access to all courses + extra features

LearnWorlds is best suited for?

Learnworlds is best suited for businesses who want to create an eLearning program for their employees, or individuals with professional development goals. However, anyone can use our platform to learn new things and improve their skills.

If you’re undecided on which plan is best for you, we recommend starting with the starter plan and upgrading later if needed. You can always change your subscription plan.

Learnworlds pros and cons

The pros of using learnworlds

– The platform makes it easy to create courses in minutes

-You can add videos, slideshows and quizzes into your course.

-You can also use our built-in editor for customizing your lessons.

– The platform is perfect for business who want to train their employees

-Our courses are accessible on any device, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or installing software of any kind.

Cons of learnworlds are:

-The platform is not free and has different pricing plans

-You need an internet connection to access the courses.


Learnworlds is an amazing course platform that helps you create courses in minutes. You can host your lessons on our servers and collaborate with students from any device, access them anytime you want. The pricing of the plan varies depending on what features are included.

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