Best copywriting software lists

Developing and maintaining good content is not an easy job to do. It requires a great deal of time and skill to develop a copy that not only ranks on search engines but also engages with the target audience. so this article is going to elaborate on some best writing software that will help to give the best quality content and boost conversion rate.


There are multiple steps in copywriting which include research, revising content, drafting copy, and a lot more. These all steps are important as they can increase your conversion rate by 113% or even more. Some best copywriting tools can provide aid in making the process simpler.


Copywriting software’s are of various types which include Content management tools, A/B testing tools, and also grammar checkers. They help you to get a winning copy. Listed below are the features that your copywriting tool should have.

  • CONTENT EDITING: this will help to give you a copy with concise sentences, power words and eliminate convoluted prose.
  • SPELLING AND GRAMMAR CHECKER: it gives you a fast grammar check before sending your work to clients.
  • GENERATES HEADLINE: copywriting tool should have this feature as it will give you SEO friendly-headlines which will be eye-catching.
  • PLAGIARISM CHECKER ONLINE: this feature will scan your work and count for plagiarized material.
  • ONLINE MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION OF THE PROJECT: this feature will give you a platform where you can organize, plan and track all of your work in one helps to give you a collaborative nature and a feedback delivery system.


1. CopyAI

CopyAI tool works on a highly advanced machine language model which is GPT-3, We get the output that is authentic and a human-like copy is generated in a very short time. We only need to give input which includes copy type, some words, and phrases on which the content should revolve. The rest of the work is handed over to this wonderful tool.

Tool Features

The great feature about it is that this tool is simple to get-go with. The user only needs to provide a few words to get output copy. Few words can be product descriptions, Instagram captions, and product value.

The best features are that there are no limits on the word count or credit. It creates content that is fast and also provides aid to remove plagiarism on social media channels. This tool is Beginner –friendly and does not require any extra produces SEO-optimized content.

Tool pricing

This tool offers free trials without any restriction which is of 7 days. They are offering two different subscription plans for monthly and annual users. The monthly subscription will charge up to $49 per month and the yearly subscription will charge $35 per month but the user needs to pay for the next 12 months once. Pricing plans are different but features will remain the same.

Tool pros n cons:

  • PROS:

  1. This tool is easy to use, edit and manually write.
  2. It offers free trials.
  3. SEO-friendly content is produced within seconds.
  4. It does not need any software to install on your PC.
  5. It produces copyright-free content to get a high ranking.
  6. 50 plus ready-made tools are there to generate the content.
  • CONS:

  1. The user needs to pick the best results from six-plus copies.
  2. Cases have been reported where servers get down.
  3. There is no long-form content tool.

2. Wordtune

If the writer is having trouble elaborating exact content so word tune is the right choice for them. This companion works in real-time by fetching and providing you with words from which users can rephrase the content. Without the scarification of meaning and tone.

Tool features

It is not considered a fully-fledged article generator but it helps shape your can save your time over word choice and give you the freedom to work on your content.

 This tool can assist the user with everything from lengthy sentences to fully lengthy articles to rewrite. This can be fruitful for marketers which are looking to repurpose content to circulate different platforms.

Tool pricing

 It has three pricing models which are:

  • Free.
  • Premium: It includes casual and formal helps in shortening and expanding the sentences.
  • Custom: it includes team billing.

Tool pros n cons


  • This tool helps you to write your texts by removing spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The plans are inexpensive and wonderful.


  • Sentence suggestion speed is slow.
  • This is also limited to English.

3. Copysmith

If the user is struggling in scaling in marketing and growth through copy so Copysmith, is the door that should be knocked. Whether the writer is a freelancer or has an in-house marketing team; this tool will help accelerate the growth by tailored marketing.

Tool features

This tool is used to simplify the content, as most companies go through a lot of work to generate blogs and stores. With the help of this tool, you can create a variety of product descriptions which includes high-converting ads and emails within a few seconds. This offers a variety of templates too.

Tool pricing

The prices come in under three sections which are:

  • Starter package: it is $192 for an annual subscription and $16 monthly.
  • Professional tier: it costs $600 annually or $59 monthly.
  • Enterprise package: it costs $5,088 annually or $499 monthly.

Tool pros n cons


  • This tool is easy to be used.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It can backup content for users.
  • It gives SEO-optimized content.
  • Tools update constantly.
  • It is affordable in most cases.


  • Their credit does expire.
  • It needs a new company with room to grow.

4. Wordsmith

 If the writer is relying on data of day-to-day decision making so check out generates content that is natural and based on massive data sets. These can be used for journalism to financial reporting.

Tool features

 We only need to insert data, the rest of the work is done by this tool which includes the addition of branches, synonym. It shows logic statements and insert templates and also data tester.

Tool pricing

The price of this tool isn’t public. Users need to request for free demo and give information to Wordsmith about the business and content the user needs to create.

Pros n cons


  • This tool uses definitive nouns and descriptive modifiers.
  • This tool understands and uses sentence structure in a better way.
  • It anchors the writing.


  • With this tool, it is easy to lose work-life balance in the pressure of making kitchen money out of this job.

· This tool is not steady

5. Writesonic

This tool is also used in scaling your business. It helps the user in generating anything from landing pages to Facebook ads. It increases the chances of ranking well in the search engines.

Tool features

In this user need to select a template and add a few lines of description. Other work will be done by this tool to generate copy samples from which users can choose.

 This tool is best for marketers that want to enhance writing tasks like SEO meta descriptions and welcome email. The billing section is also easy and flexible, users can scale the package for evolving business needs.

Tool pricing

If the user needs to pay on monthly basis, there are four plans to choose from:

  • Starter: This plan starts with $19 per month, with 20 plagiarism checks, and 50 credits. It has also chrome extensions that have access to 35 plus templates.
  • Professional: This plan charges $59 per month. It comes with all features of a starter and has unlimited gives 100 plagiarism checks and also 100 long-form blog generations.
  • Teams: It charges $118 per month. It supports 2 users and has also all professional features.
  • Custom: This plan allows users to choose the feature they need and also give access to templates and account manager.

Tool pros n cons


  • The customer service is also well appreciated, the listened to users and gives best user experience.
  • It gives output content amazing.


  • There are some mistakes in the blog writing. You still need to change and fix some places.
  • Correcting simple grammatical mistakes that the software makes.


6. Jarvis

This copywriting tool can generate content 2-5X can help to write social media posts and blog articles and also marketing emails.

Tool features

Jarvis has command over 25+ languages, so if the user is writing in their spoken tongue or needs to translate content in multiple languages, Jarvis is ready to serve. This tool can understand the content of every niche. It does not only pull knowledge from a single site rather than it is generated from the information of different builds content with is plagiarism-free.

Tool pricing

  • Its starter package comes in only $29 per month.
  • It’s pro unlimited package comes in only $109 per month.
  • It boss package comes in $119 per month.

Tool pros and cons:


  • 50+ templates are available from which users can start from scratch.
  • Best blog assistant.


  • Sometimes commands do not work.
  • This tool is a steep learning curve.

7. Funnelscripts

This tool is a massive collection of software that allows the user to create any kind of copy of every scenario.

Tool features

  • It has a large variety of scripts which can be ad, opt-in scripts, or any other social media scripts
  • It provides four downloadable wizards.
  • Forms can be filled easily for each script.
  • Training videos available for each script

Tool pricing

This tool gives a free trial. The price of this tool is $797 and the money can be refunded in 30 days.

Tool pros and cons:

  • It generates copies that are proven to be converted.
  • Form filling is easy.
  • Saves a huge amount of time
  • Some scripts need proofreading.
  • Some scripts are a little thin.

8. Anyword

The tool provides aid to generate ads, blogs, or articles. This is an amazing marketing resource because it can help users to manage social media advertising campaigns, marketing ad campaigns, and much more.

Tool features

Key features include A/B testing, marketing text creation, crafting unique messages brainstorm text variations, and much more.

Tool pricing

The pricing plan starts at $19 per month. there are 3 different pricing plans to choose from.

  • Starter plan – This plan is available for $19 monthly.
  • ProBETA plan – the Users can enhance conversations rate and upload content directly with the help of an AI-powered tool
  • Enterprise: this package comes with amazing additional features like Customized language models, API integration, and much more

Tool pros and cons:


  • It has advanced AI language
  • This tool Works on all types of content


  • For more features, you will need to pay significantly more.

9. Closerscopy

This tool utilizes built-in templates or AI wizards to produce high-quality content.

Tool features

It generates sales letters, social media content, emails, and much more. This tool uses an AI algorithm, 50+ templates, and also 127 supported languages to deliver the best work.

Tool pricing

There are 3 pricing plans which are offered as:

  • $29 per month for 50k characters.
  • $50 per month for 200k.
  • $80 per month for unlimited.

They also offered lifetime deals that are no longer being sold.

Tool pros and cons:


  • They offer lifetime deals which mean 1-time payment.
  • They have a lot of built-in templates.


  • It has a lot of bugs in the context of an unreliable AI content generator.
  • It also lacks plagiarism and grammar tools.